InTandem Promotions has been commissioned to provide a selection of apparel, merchandise, and awards. Based on your eligibility, the appropriate department will be available. Additionally, you are now able to order and purchase ENERCON branded merchandise 24/7 from this portal as well. The product categories will always be made available for you to order by logging into the website

Enercon Company Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Trouble Logging In ?

Your ENERCON Company Store account log in will give you access to the applicable gift redemption.  

You are given access to the specific milestone category for the month.  

Simply log in from the main website at with your email address and password associated with the account, and you will see the milestone category in your account. 

You will log in with your email address and password set up during your account activation. If you have not activated your account, please contact to request your account activation email.

When will I receive my new hire, anniversary or birthday gift redemption email ?

Redemption emails will be sent out within the first two weeks of the milestone month.

Questions redeeming your gift ?

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